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Alron Phillips


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You have a story, we have the visionary to bring that story to life. Alron Phillips is an experienced director who is dedicated to your project from pre-production to post-production. His style of directing is to use every element in filmmaking to tell the story by using lighting, set design, camera movement and angles, color, sound design, etc. He believes that every element should be able to tell the story on its own and when you bring every element together with the script and actors/actresses then you have such a great compelling story that takes your audience into different lives in other worlds.

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Pre-Production to Post Production:

  • Interpret Script

  • Set the tone for the film

  • Work with department heads

  • Work with casting director to find talent

  • Direct talent and the camera

  • Work with editors to assemble the film

  • Work with sound and music department

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